An Industry Speaks With One Voice

Americans fret about how Japanese corporations manage to join together, forming alliances (keiretsus) for the common good. We still tend to maintain a fussy view of such behavior as "anticompetitive." But one sector of our economy seems to have already put into place a healthy form of collusion, judging by the ads in the NYNEX Yellow Pages.

Whom is our escort service for?

INTERNATIONAL ESCORTS  For those who are accustomed to only the very best.

REGENCY  For those accustomed to only the very finest.

PARADISE   For gentlemen with exquisite taste.

ENTRE NOUS  For those who appreciate elegance. For only the most discriminating.

A AFTER HOURS  For the discriminating client.

PRESTIGE  Catering to the discriminating executive who requires personal attention.

NUMBER ONE PARK AVENUE  Catering to the discriminating, accustomed to the very finest in life.

TRE' [SIC] CHIC  For the most dis­criminating, who appreciate the finer things in life.

ILLUSION  When you deserve the best.

FEMMES COSMOPOLITES  For those who will not settle for second best.

How are our hostesses chosen?

CROWN  We carefully select out escorts for their poise, charm, intelligence, and beauty.

REGENCY  Selected for their beauty, personality, and charm.

PRESTIGE  Our hostesses are selected for their beauty, poise, and elegance.

THE PLATINUM CLUB  Our hostesses are chosen for their beauty, charm, and poise.

Who are our hostesses?

INTERNATIONAL ESCORTS  Our escorts are models, beauty queens, actors/actresses. . .

A-I ESCORTS  …Models, beauty queens, actresses. . .

REGENCY  Models and entertainers. . .

PARADISE  Lovely models, actresses, & dancers.

-Andy Aaron

(SPY Magazine)